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So here’s my question……Are You Social? I have to assume that if you are reading this blog that you are because otherwise the chances of you stumbling across this are small. You must have seen an Instagram post, Facebook Ad, Google Ad, or maybe even a Pin on Pinterest. So Ding Ding Ding, you’re a winner my friend, you’re Social! You obviously like to consume content on one of these many platforms, on a daily, maybe even an hourly basis.

Well guess what, you aren’t alone! Not that you thought you were but do you know exactly how many people traffic these social platforms regularly? Here’s a better question, when was the last time you purchased a newspaper, magazine or book even?! We are living in the complete digital era! So if you own a business that provides a product or service hopefully you recognize the importance of having an online presence to reach your ideal consumer. I have no doubt that you do otherwise you wouldn’t have read my post and clicked to read this Blog!

So what stands in your way of having the online presence you want? If you are selling on Social then to stay relevant and maintain a presence you need content to share regularly with your audience. Content consists of more than just telling your audience about what you are selling. Content bridges the gap between you and your potential client with connection via a personal story, education and conversation. These are all things I’ve learned in my own business journey and listening to many many others who have already forged the trail in the social media sphere.

Ok so by now you might be saying, “This is all good info Meridith but why are you telling me this? You’re a photographer why do you care about my online presence?” I’m sharing this with you because I have a solution for your biggest roadblock when it comes to having content to share. When creating content ideally you need to have images to go along with it. Images that help tell your story or share your experience with others. You will hear over and over again the importance of “showing up” on social media when it comes to growing your business. Showing up in most cases literally means Showing Your Face! When you want to make connections with clients they want to know who you are!

Try this out, if you have a business Instagram account you have the ability to “View Insights” on your posts. The same applies to Facebook. Go back and review posts that had pictures of anything but you in them. Compare the engagement that those posts received versus the engagement a post with YOU in it receives! Hands down your face wins! Your clients want to know who you are and feel a connection with you.

Having readily available images of yourself and items that are unique to you is absolutely what you need to expand your online presence. Additionally having a consistently refreshed arsenal of professional images has you winning before you consider your daily social post! How amazing would it be to always have a diverse gallery of images at your disposal to make promoting your service or product a breeze?

Beginning in 2020, Meridith Bright Photography will be offering a unique experience to individuals with the desire to authentically grow their audience on Social Media in order to better their business! This will be an opportunity for YOU to optimize your social media game in a way you’ve likely dreamed of for a while but weren’t sure how to go about doing it!

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