Kiley & Hunter’s Engagement, Wakefield, Va


Do I start this blog telling you that I first met this Bride when she was an infant or how ecstatic I was that she wanted to have her engagement session in a cotton-field?! Either way it’s the TRUTH! Kiley explained to me that the fields where she wanted to go are owned by a family friend and don’t really have an address that is found on GPS. So we planned to meet at a nearby main road so I  could follow Hunter as he lead the way to our destination.

I’m a beach girl by default but have had some experience with country roads, however, these country roads were none like I’m used to! There were a few bridges on our way that were ONE LANE, when I saw those road signs my swallow was audible! Our destination was also a little further than I realized and I consumed quite a bit of water on my trip out. When we arrived to the property we parked near a house. I asked Hunter & Kiley where a bathroom might be. They both looked at each other and laughed, the house was abandoned and had no working plumbing. Kiley, being an experienced Girl Scout and Teacher, pointed out that I was welcome to make do with the environment for a bathroom. I smiled and laughed and said, “I can wait”.

The cotton fields were magical. I have only ever passed them on the road and never stopped to see them up close but they are like snow covered rolling hills. The cotton is also incredibly soft and perfect to place an engagement ring a top of for a stunning detail shot! The rows are very tight together which can make it a little challenging to walk through and also very easy to misplace a camera bag….which might have happened.

Kiley & Hunter, I had such a fun evening with you both and will remember the experience forever! I am looking forward to your wedding day in September and know we will have plenty more laughs to share together!!

XOXO- Meridith

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