Robyn & Chris, Engagement Session


I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Robyn before Chris proposed to her. For a while we worked right next to each other and for a really long time, my husband was her boss 🙂 So while I had never met Chris I had heard much about him and knew from the way Robyn talked about him, one day soon he would be proposing. I was very excited when she asked to meet with me to talk about wedding photography.

On the night of their session, I met Robyn and Chris at Pleasure House Point in Va Beach . Right away I knew we were going to have a good time for the simple fact that Chris was showing all the signs of excitement for this adventure called, “an Engagement Session”.  As I do with all of my couples, we started off learning some of my favorite poses and general terminology I like to use during a session. I also tell all of my couples the same thing, “You can’t mess this up, this is just practice for the big day.” That tends to relax the atmosphere for everyone.

As we moved from location to location Chris was really quick to point out how wonderful the light was and even made a few suggestions along the way. If I could bottle his enthusiasm I would!

Our second location was on the beach close to First Landing State Park. I had scouted the area earlier in the day to find a street that allowed for parking but little did I know  the neighborhood was going to be hosting a beach party that evening and parking would be scarce. No problem, we simple parked across the street and made our way onto the sand.

Looking at these images you wouldn’t know that there were literally people surrounding us on both sides, some even in the water on paddle boards. There may have been bets happening with on lookers of how to photobomb my couple 🙂 I can’t blame them, we were having a great time so it only makes sense that others would want to join in!

This is where creativity really becomes a necessity. Despite what some may think, I don’t rely on photoshop to “fix” problems in my images, as much as I can help it. I strive to get the image I want right in camera. Strategically placing my clients in the best light while also eliminating distractions is a challenge that I love.

Robyn & Chris, our evening was amazing and I cannot wait to do it all over again next year on your wedding day!! It’s obvious that you two are meant to be and it’s an honor to capture your love for one another.


xoxo- Meridith

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